Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etsy vs. own shop

Hi, all. So people commonly ask me if I sell my work. I know I've brought up the issue of Etsy before, but I'm a bit torn. Should I sell someplace like Etsy, which is already well-known but does have fees, or should I sell on my own store that I'd be completely in charge of promoting for free?  Have people done well with Etsy/their own store?  I also wonder if people will want to buy my work. In addition to miniatures, I'm also considering selling jewelry possibly.

Here is a photo of a piece I designed and made.

So, what are everyone's opinions???


  1. I have an etsy shop. I really like it. I don't sell a lot but I've been able to support my mini habit, lol. The fees on etsy are fairly minimal, especially compared to ebay.

  2. I sell on Etsy. I haven't really found the fees to be unreasonable. And you can always factor the fees into the price you have on your items. All in all I like Etsy... its easy to use and if something goes wrong website-wise its their job to fix it! -ara