Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shellie's Miniature Party

Shellie's party was so much fun!! We made these cute fireplaces and Christmas scenes. My mother went with me, and we had a nice mother-daughter bonding time.

The ladies making their scenes.

My mom with her fireplace. She did great!!

My scene so far. I won the table on the right, and it fit perfectly with my scene (though, I am moving it to the kitchen.)

The Bespaq clock my mom won.

Today, I was rearranging things in my dollhouse and seeing how my new holiday fireplace looked as a replacement for my usual one. I was getting frustrated, though, at the construction of my house. I built it when I was about 13, and I made some stupid mistakes:

1. The stairs were suppose to be flush to the wall, but I wanted the master bedroom and the living room to be bigger because I assumed that those would be my favorite rooms (actually, the kitchen is my favorite...) Of course, that space between the stairs and wall is WASTED space! It makes the stairs look more fake too.

2. I purposely put in the stairs facing the open side so I could walk dolls up the stairs. That was dumb... It just ended up blocking my pretty furniture.

So, my mom suggested ripping out the stairs. I thought that would be unrealistic, but then again what's realistic about a dollhouse with no internal doors?

So, I ripped out the stairs. It really does give me a lot more room to play with, and I'm not as restricted.

It'll be fun playing with these new rooms!!

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  1. Tienes una casita preciosa.
    Veo que tu mama y tu habeis hecho un trabajo maravilloso, ademas de haberlo pasado muy bien, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension