Friday, January 28, 2011

Been awhile!

Hi, all! Wow! I haven't written in awhile! Sorry about that. I've certainly been keeping busy - and that includes working on minis!!!

I have quite a few AM articles in the works, but here is a sneak peek. I had fun taking these with my iPhone.

I made a bunch of mini animals that were replicas of real animals in my life.

My mini Kiba and a pic of the real Kiba. This kitty was discovered by Missy up in Idaho. Missy's motherly instinct kicked in and she adopted the cat as her own. She even tried to get him to nurse!

Missy and a pic of the real Missy. She always gets in the garbage, so I added some garbage in her mouth.

Cuddles and a pic of the real Cuddles (and Peter Cottontail). These are wild bunnies who live in my boyfriend's backyard. We've named all of them, but Cuddles is my favorite.

Look familiar??
Arthur, the real Arthur, and Harold, the gopher that I rescued with my boyfriend.

Speaking of mini: say hello to my baby cousin, Alexa. Isn't she cute?

Talk to you all soon!

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