Saturday, March 12, 2011

New buys from a consignment store

Hi, all! There's this great consignment store that is nearby. It's only opened once a month, which makes it kinda special. It was open this weekend (yay!), so I stopped by.

I first went because I was told by a friend that there were minis. When I went, I first saw a cabinet with beautiful mini porcelain dolls. I told myself that I had to be sure to go back to that cabinet once I had found the other minis. I especially wanted to look at this one beautiful doll with blonde ringlets, a blue dress, and a perfect porcelain face. She reminded me of the doll, Emily, in The Little Princess. Unfortunately, I forgot to revisit the spot.

A few weeks later, my parents gave me an Easter basket like they did when I was a kid. Inside was the little doll! They had gone to the same store and saw the same doll even though they didn't know I had admired it. When I turned the little doll over, there was a name tag. It read "Emily" just like in the movie!

I've gotten several items from there since. Some things are overpriced, but some are underpriced. It's hit or miss. Today, luckily, was a hit. I bought an adorable companion for little Emily - a handmade bear with a "B" on his bottom. I also got a plaque that I'll put swords on, a phone book, dishes, glass display cake stand and cover, a N.A.M.E. board for hanging spoons or keys, a beautiful crown, a blanket, and a little garbage can. I was about to checkout when the owner showed me more minis!

You'd think that I had got enough, but I went back the next day. This time, I got a globe, a display arm, another teddy, shrink-wrapped Christmas tableware, a gorgeous jewelry box with shells on top, a glass display case, a mug that looks just like one that my friend has, a bowl to match my pitcher, and a bottle of Purex.

The weirdest thing happened though. I had put my bag of minis nearby, but had not touched them in at least a half an hour. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard a faint noise. My boyfriend, who was sitting nearby on his laptop said, "What was that noise? It sounded like glass breaking, and it sounded like it came from your bag." I pulled out my minis and found that sure enough my glass cake cover had just popped. It was now in 4 pieces, but nothing had moved! I tried o apply pressure to it to see how much pressure it would have needed to break - but I couldn't break it! Creepy....

This event happened on the first night, so when I returned to the store the next day, I told the owner what had happened. She smiled and said it was probably the ghost of the previous owner (a woman) thanking me for buying her mini. I'm not sure breaking something so I can never use it is a thank you, but the idea was sweet none-the-less.

Anyway, I'm happy with my purchases, but still a little weirded out! I'm currently working on a scene for AM, so I hope that goes smoothly!

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