Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Convention in San Jose, CA

The mini convention was great. It was smaller than last year’s, but I still found some great finds. I bought a mini thermos and lantern since I love camping. Eventually, I’ll do a mini camping scene. I even have the splatterware plates!

I also bought this adorable BBQ. The best part? It’s dirty! I’ve seen a lot of BBQs, but they are all in pristine condition. What BBQ in history has ever been clean once it was used? I like it to be realistic, and reality is dirty.

I bought these wonderful baked goods from Kim Saulter. I couldn’t believe how realistic and yummy her minis looked! I wanted to buy all the yummy treats! Finally, I settled on the mixing bowl (I loved the marble look and the rubber spatula) and the chocolate souffle. I love them! I must say, I think her work contains the best miniature baking goods I’ve seen.

I’ve been looking for a 1:144 scale dollhouse kit for my dollhouse. After all, I want my dollhouse to reflect life, and a big part of my life are miniatures and dollhouses. Why shouldn’t my house have one too? The ones I’ve seen are too expensive, but this one was reasonable and beautiful too. I will say, it was a pain in the butt to put together. If you painted it first, the wood warped and the glue didn’t hold, but if you assembled it first, you couldn’t reach the areas to paint them! The directions were a bit confusing too. I did paint just a few areas first, but finally had to use a toothpick to paint the assembled house. It was painful, but I think it turned out okay.

On Thursday, I’m going to meet with a local artisan. Maybe I’ll have some more new pieces to show!

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  1. I'd love to see the mini camping scene when ever you get around to doing it. ;)

    I've often thought of doing one myself, we camp at the beach and I have all of the blue spatterware in RL. Where did you find it mini?

    I found you via De's blog. :)

    Any relation to the Schiavone's in nj?