Friday, January 15, 2010

Attempt at a new project

Wow, I haven't written in far too long.  I'm only now starting to recover from the holidays.  Anyways, while I was up in Idaho awhile back, I found something on the ground that instantly screamed "project" to me.  It's a mini ammo box or so I've been told.  It was all cracked and dirty, and I barely noticed it since it was halfway buried in the snow.  Still, I knew what I wanted to do.  I cleaned it, cut off the top, glued the crack shut, painted the bottom half blue and presto!  I had a mini ice chest!  It even looks loved just like a well-used ice chest should look!  I need to make a camping scene now...

Another project I attempted was my first "baking in progress" scene.  I made a chocolate chip cookie dough mixture in a metal bowl, the dough on the cookie sheets ready to bake, the baked cookies, and a canister of flour (I used a chapstick cap).  It's kind of hard to tell, but there really are tons of mini chocolate chips in the dough.  They just didn't stand out very much.  I'm thinking that the baked cookies are not that great, so I may change them.  What do you think?  Is it realistic for my first attempt?


  1. Great job on your cookies Angela! Hugs~ Kim

  2. Your first attempt?? Very well done, looks great!!

  3. the little baking scene is great!