Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen renovation

Hi, all!  So, my favorite room in my little house is my kitchen.  I LOVE mini food!  It's my favorite miniature accessory.  I'm slowly working on renovating my other rooms, but I couldn't help but work on my kitchen a little bit.  See, I need to start redoing all my walls.  I used museum wax (big mistake) to hold up paintings and shelves, but it leaves this icky residue on the walls.  The package says that you can just scrub it off with warm water, but that doesn't work.  I've decided to simply redo all the walls and switch to that nice white puddy that really does come off nice and clean - and it holds things very well.  Anyways, I've been looking at wallpaper and borders online.  I found this great wallpaper, and today, I printed some out and redid my kitchen.  Currently, my kitchen is in a state of being a "buffet line" for Thanksgiving dinner.  All my chairs have been moved into the living room like we usually do when we have over a lot of company.  What do you think?


  1. Great work Angela!!! It looks so nice and cozy!

  2. It looks adorable, very homey and cozy indeed!

  3. I love your kitchen. :)

    I don't like that waxy stuff either it does create a stain after time. :(

    I have some food, but not, much, as I would probably want to have all food.

    I know someone that makes cakes, but, I fear buying just one, as that may never end. lol ;)