Saturday, November 14, 2009


I went to the Miniaturist Pot Luck and Flea Market today in San Mateo, CA.  I got SO MUCH stuff!!!  Here are photos of the things I got.  I even found dishes for my mini food creations which I've been looking for.  So here's a run-down of what I got (I'm actually curious to see it listed out like this!):
- 4 tubes of paint (2 gold for my Dad which aren't pictured)
- a dress form (actually the proper size)
- a radiator
- an electric Tiffany ceiling light (for my kitchen)
- an electric Tiffany table light
- an electric ceiling fan/light (for the teenage room)
- a seat cushion with ties
- metal plates (2 small, 2 big) and pans (1 with spatula) and serving dishes (1 large, 2 ice cream bowls)
- an electric dome light (for the master bedroom)
- an electric gold candle light (came with two amber glass covers, but one broke)
- a doggie dish
- an upholstered stool
- a multi-color mop (from a grab bag)
- a spilled can of paint
- a pretty embroidered dolly
- an electric desk light
- a candlestick with holder (I'm putting the surviving amber cover over it)
- two shovels (for my mom's potting bench)
- a spitoon
- a weird copper stopper
- a metal alarm clock
- lemon slices
- a rug
- a small dresser kit
- a laptop lap desk kit
- an electric gold ceiling light
-an electric dark brass table light

And the cost of all these items? $12.50!!!!  Yes, you read that right: $12.50!  The electric lights were $0.75 each, but when I brought them all up to pay for them, she only asked for $3 total.  They wanted to get rid of their stock which was lucky for me because I got great prices!

I'm so excited to start working on little projects with my new purchases, but I'm leaving for Idaho tomorrow, so I won't be able to see most of my purchases, but I'm bringing some of them with me to work on.  I'll probably also be visiting my favorite stores up there, so I'll have other blogs to post along the way.  I'll miss California though.  Still, it should be fun.  Anyway, talk to you soon!


  1. A lot of nice purchases...and so cheap...this is a very good combination :)
    Have fun with them :)

  2. I love what you found. The ceiling fan and other lamps are great! I think my favorites, though, are the pewter looking dishes... real antique looking. Good shopping Angela.

  3. Angela, you are one very lucky girl! :)