Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miniatures from the movie "The Aviator"

Hi, all!  Well, I've just arrived up in Idaho, and I'm already on my computer to write up this blog.  Here I thought I wouldn't have any material for a new blog, but I do!  Today, my boyfriend wanted to go to The Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.  I'll admit, planes are not exactly my thing, but I made sure to look at everything.  To my surprise, they had the miniature models that were used in the movie "The Aviator" with Leonardo DiCaprio. Here are some pictures of the airplane hanger that they made for the movie.  It appears to be in 1:12.

Here are the photos they have explaining the process of using the model and a green screen to create the final effect.

They also had the Spruce Goose model.  Here's a close-up of the model complete with dolls of the actors inside.

Here's a shot of the model (right) with the real Spruce Goose.  That plane is huge!

I'll write again soon!


  1. Wow.. interesting..I must see that movie once more now!! Just to spot the minis =)
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for those pictures, that's really interesting. The people who build these miniature sets are sooo good at it.

  3. Thank you for sharing , It's very interesting Rosanna